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Alpine wellness and fitness area – Time to relax

WoodSPA, GardenSPA and fitness at the Hotel Weiler in Obertilliach

Let us take care of your, as we call it „alpine wellbeing”! In combination with the wide range of opportunities of actively spending time in the beautiful nature of the Lesachvalley, your stay in Obertilliach makes for a perfect recreational holiday!

There's nothing more beautiful than breathing in fresh and pure mountain air, hiking along flowery meadows, jumping across wildly rushing streams and riding your bike through oxygen-rich woods.

In Obertilliach, „alpine wellbeing” can also be enjoyed in winter – In the cold season there's just as much the region has to offer: Recharge your batteries by using the snowy winter landscapes for skiing, cross-country skiing, sledging, snowshoeing or ski touring. Visit our in-house wellness area to warm up body and soul and use the tranquil atmosphere for your personal recreation.

Outdoor-Garden sauna, Finnish sauna, steam bath & infrared cabin – A real oasis of wellbeing

Finnish Outdoor Sauna – Sweating the classical way

The rustic sauna experience in the Tyrolean style. The Finnish sauna essentially is a place of physical and spiritual cleansing. Its refreshing and purifying effect is based on both the increased level of perspiration due to high temperatures (approx. 80-90°) and low air humidity (max. 10%). It stimulates blood circulation and supports the body's resistance by strengthening the immune system. Furthermore, it has beneficial effects on skin and respiration. Sauna infusions with different fragrances are provided by the hotel.

Low temperature Sauna – Sauna with low temperatures

Low temperatures for an enjoyable sauna stay with approx. 70°

Steam bath – The gentle alternative to the sauna

While the average temperature in the steam bath is much lower than in the sauna (between 40° and 45°), air humidity is significantly higher and stimulates the circulation in a gentle way. The steam bath can also be „warmly” recommended to those seeking to improve their skin.

Infrared booth by Physiotherm – Feel the beneficial warmth

Heat has been used as treatment for various complaints for centuries. Physiotherm offers a unique combination of specially developed low-temperature infrared technique and patented lava sand technology, perfectly geared to meeting the needs of the human body. The fully electronic system control allows for a smooth regulation of the infrared intensity according to the individual's thermal sensitivity, this way facilitating healthy and gentle sweating at lower temperatures (from 30°)

Cold-water plunge pool and relaxing area – An oasis of peace and relaxation

Cold-water plunge pool – Refreshment for the body and soul

The perfect finish, as the desired effect of taking a sauna is only fully achieved in combination with a refreshing dip into the cold water afterwards. The right dose of cooling down makes your body experience heavenly relaxation and the feeling of being a new man or woman. The water temperature needs to be low enough to trigger a cold stimulus in the body (lukewarm water won't do the job), which increases blood pressure and boosts the circulatory system. For guests with low blood pressure the use of the cold-water plunge pool is particularly recommendable. Even if the subsequent plunge into the cold is not absolutely necessary, it's a lot of fun and enlivens the body.

Wood Relaxation Area – Feel on top of the world

Between your sauna and plunge pool sessions, the wellness deck chairs in the different Wood relaxation areas are the perfect spots for you to make yourself comfortable. Take a nap, read a good book or just enjoy the tranquillity and pleasant atmosphere of the lovely room!


Use our panorama-house gym to get into shape and revive your vital spirits!